Meet Dr Johnson

Dr. Todd Johnson

Family Dental Care Since 1998

Dr. Todd Johnson is known for his sincere and friendly "chair-side" manner. He enjoys visiting with patients, and his work in family dental care. He continues to pursue his knowledge in dentistry through continuing education to keep up with the latest technology and practices to give his patients top-quality care.

Dr. Johnson's interests

He has a love for the outdoors and explores the outdoors with his love of motorcycles, airplanes, snow and water sports, and hiking. Dr. Johnson received his private pilot license just after graduating High School. He continues his love of flying whenever he can. He enjoys sharing these passions with his wife and four children.

Dr. Johnson achieved Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America when he was 14 years old and continued to enjoy his association as a leader. He has been able to pass on his love of the outdoors and knowledge to others.

First Class Dental Todd L Johnson DDS, Inc.
First Class Dental Todd L Johnson DDS, Inc.

Education and Practice

Dr. Todd Johnson is a family dentist who grew up in Fair Oaks, California. He began his education at Brigham Young University, with combined studies in biology and zoology. He later attended Ohio State University College of Dentistry and graduated in 1998.

He went on to begin his practice serving as a dentist for the United States Air Force. While serving in the military, he was awarded Company Grade Officer of the Year for the A.C.C. (Air Combat Command). Ask him about the reward he was given for this honor-- it was a highlight of his service in the military (Hint: it has to do with airplanes).

After his service with the Air Force, Dr. Johnson joined his father, Dr. John Johnson, a local dentist in his established Fair Oaks practice. He and his father enjoyed working together until Dr. John Johnson retired.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality products
  • Service
  • Commitment
First Class Dental Todd L Johnson DDS, Inc.